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Band program

We currently have 3 bands at Cromer Public School, comprising of around 80 students.

The Band Program and the Ensemble Program are part of the Music Program. Band members develop a love of music and the skills that accompany an instrumental education. This aids in the development of literacy and numeracy, which benefits and enhances the student's participation in the wider school curriculum. Being in a band is fun, at any age!

The band camp provides the students with intense music tuition whilst socialising and getting active with their music buddies. This year we will be trying our hand at some competitions, one of which is the NSW University Music Festival.

Our achievements for the year will be celebrated at Cromer Public School's Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Performance Evening, held towards the end of the school year.


The Band Program is structured to develop the instrumental performance for students from Years 3 to 6 in incremental stages with students progressing through the following three bands. 

  • Training Band - This is the entry-level band and is open to any Year 3-6 student wishing to learn a concert band instrument. No previous musical knowledge is necessary.
  • Intermediate Band - Students move to the intermediate band after spending a year in the training band. Students develop their skills and may need to spend more than one year in this band depending on progress.
  • Senior Band - Entry to this band is usually by audition or where students have demonstrated sufficient progress in the intermediate band. Entry is at the discretion of the Band Director (Conductor).

Band program calendar

Term 1

  • Music camp at Camp Kedron
  • Training and intermediate bands

Term 2

  • Northern Beaches Music Festival

Term 3

  • NSW School Band Festival Competition - all 3 bands
  • CAPA - Creative and Performing Arts Concert

Term 4

  • Senior Music Tour
  • Year 2 and 3-6 Band recruitment

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