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Cromer Strings Program


This program encompasses students playing the violin, cello, viola and double bass. The Ensembles perform at many events throughout the year, including the prestigious Festival of Instrumental Music held at the Opera House each year.


Year 1 Introduction to Strings

Cromer employs a paraprofessional violin teacher to deliver an introduction to violin curriculum to all students in Year 1. This program is delivered via the school’s RFF Music program and is team-taught with the school’s Specialist Music Teacher.


Training String Ensemble

The Training Strings program is open to any students within the school from Years 2-6. Students joining the program commence outside tutoring and then perform as part of an ensemble once per week.


Intermediate String Ensemble

The Intermediate Ensemble is comprised of students generally in grades 3-5 who are displaying an intermediate level of competence on their chosen instrument. Students continue with their outside tutors and perform as an ensemble once per week.


Senior String Ensemble

The Senior Ensemble is audition based ad generally consists of students in Years 4-6 displaying a high level of competence on their chosen instrument. These students represent the school at the Festival of Music each year.


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