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Beginning school

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It is our belief that parents play an important role in bridging the gap between home and school.  A child who feels comfortable and relaxed in the first few days of school will find the adjustment to their new way of life easier to make.


There are many positive steps parents can take in cooperation with the school to ensure that the beginning of school life is a stress-free and exciting event.


  • Talk to your child about what school will be like and about pleasant memories of your early school days.  Never use school as a threat.


  • Arrange for your child to play and talk with other children who will be starting school at the same time.  Luckily, with most children having pre-school experience, this opportunity has been provided.
  • Walk through the school playground, not just on the Kindergarten Orientation Days.

Download school readiness information (PDF 170KB)

Download kindergarten classroom commencement information (PDF 89KB)