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Student welfare

Cromer Public School has a well-structured Welfare Policy in line with departmental directives.

The components consist of:

Statement of principles, aims and outcomes

The fundamental goals of behaviour management of all students at this school are:

  • Ownership of behaviour
  • Accepting consequences for behaviour
  • Respecting of mutual rights
  • Building of confidence in personal point of control

Our principles, aims and outcomes encompass:

  • the right to feel safe at school
  • the right to learn to the best of one's ability with the best assistance
  • the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times

Information regarding awards structure.

Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners

Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners (PBEL) is a whole school approach to developing and maintaining positive relationships, effective learning environments and academic success. PBEL is based on a preventative behaviour approach and the values of positive behaviour support.

At Cromer Public School our vision is:

  • To create a positive and consistent learning environment that promotes respectful relationships and engages all learners.

The school's core values are respect, achievement and responsibility (RAR). The following expectations and behaviours are taught to the students in and out of the classroom setting:



  • Are kind, courteous, truthful and fair to everyone

  • Take pride in ourselves and our environment

  • Allow others to learn


  • Are active learners at school, within our community and home

  • Strive to improve and achieve our personal best

  • Bounce back from our setbacks


  • Take ownership of our actions

  • Work and play safely

  • Are prepared


At Cromer, the students understand that there's an expectation that they are respectful, and responsible students who will achieve. Our award system also reflects these core values, expectations and behaviours. Students are rewarded for displaying respect, achievement and responsibility in all areas of academic, sporting and/or community-based achievements.


Buddy classes

Cromer Public School has buddy classes across Kindergarten to Year 6. The senior classes are buddied up with junior classes. The classes meet at various times throughout the year and work together on different activities. Some of these activities may include reading together, Harmony Day activities, art and craft, sharing stories with each other, senior students writing picture books for the younger students to read and many more.

During the first term, as the Kindergarten children are settling into school, their senior class buddies are invited to organise playground games and activities for the younger children to play at lunch time. The buddy class system is a very successful way of creating a harmonious and safe learning environment.


K-2 and 3-6 Assemblies

Assemblies are held each fortnight, on a rotational basis, in the school's assembly hall.  These assemblies are held to recognise student achievement and provide students with the opportunity for self-expression through performing arts and public speaking. 

Awards Assemblies

In Weeks 4 and 8 of each term, a K-2 Awards Assembly is held in the school assembly hall and in Weeks 5 and 9 of each Term, a 3-6 Awards Assembly to recognise students who have achieved Certificates of Excellence, Cromer Banners and Cromer Medallions through the school's award structure. Parents are invited to attend these assemblies.

Grade Presentation Assemblies

At the end of the year, each grade holds a presentation assembly.  At these assemblies, awards are presented to students who have achieved outstanding results throughout the year.  All parents are invited to attend these grade assemblies held at the end of the school year.