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Special needs class

Cromer Public School currently has a special education IO class.  This class caters for students with special needs and are, in all respects, valued members of the Cromer School community. The development of understanding and acceptance by all children, parents, and teachers is strongly promoted.

The students are integrated into all school activities whenever appropriate. Their involvement makes a positive contribution to the school climate. 

Health and medical issues

Students in the support class often have specific needs.  To cover school requirements, parents are asked to complete and return forms.  The following forms are required on enrolment and updated annually:

  • Health Care Plans - Medical information, Emergency/Ambulance
  • Administering Medication
  • Travel Arrangements

Reporting to parents

Staff and parents work closely together in the best interest of all students. A strong home school partnership has been established. This is considered an essential part of the school's ethos.

Each student in the support class has an Individual Education Program.  A meeting involving parents, teacher, School Counsellor, a member of the District's Student Services and therapists if requested, is held during Term 2 or Term 3.  At this meeting student progress and future goals are discussed.  A written report of this meeting is forwarded to parents.


The students in the support class are integrated into each grade's mainstream sport program, where appropriate and participate in inter-school carnivals for swimming and athletics. 


Please contact the class teacher or the Deputy Principal where you will be advised of the Assisted Travel application procedures.